4 Step fertilizer and weed control program


1st Step : Crabgrass prevenative + Fertilizer 

Applied in early spring: March-April. For fast greening and to prevent crabgrass. This pre-emergent fertilizer also provides a weed barrier, killing weeds as they germinate from the seeds that have lain dormant in your lawn all winter. If they are eliminated now, they won’t become a problem later this spring and summer.


2nd Step : Weed control + Fertilizer

Applied in late spring: April-June, no less than 30 days after Crabgrass Preventer is applied.. . This application kills dandelions, chickweeds, knotweed, spurge, and many other broadleaf weeds. Delivers a long lasting feeding without burning for a stronger, greener lawn. 


3rd Step : Summer Fertilizer + (Weed control)

Applied in summer: June-July. Feeds and strengthens grass during heat & drought.

Grub control and prevention is added to this step for an additional cost, if needed. 


4th Step : Winterizer Fertilizer

 Applied in fall: August-November Helps protects lawns from winter stress and promotes root development. Encourages earlier spring green-up and thicker grass..