About Us

Company Mission

To enhance the beauty and value of our client's homes and properties while remaining in line with their budget and showing them an unmatched level of customer service in the process. We will always focus on quality, doing our very best to give our clients the very best. We will be professional in every aspect of our business. We will continue to cultivate an atmosphere of team work with our employees as well as our clients and vendors.

Company History and Timeline

At the age of 14 Chad Williams started mowing lawns in his neighborhood with his parents' 24 inch lawn mower. Having developed a passion for lawn care during this time, he started Chad's Lawn Care at the age of 18.

2005 -  Chad initially starts his business with 15 clients.

2006 - Chad hires his first two employees.

2007 - Chad's Lawncare becomes official lawn care & snow removal provider for it's first Home Association.

2008 - Chad's Lawncare becomes official lawn care & snow removal provider for large commercial company.

2009 - Chad's Lawncare employs first grass cutting foreman, Joe Avila. Employs eight workers.  The company changes name to 5 Star Lawn Care, LLC.

2010 - 5 Star hires first landscape foreman and employs 12 workers.

2011 - 5 Star becomes official lawn care provider for City of Wooster.

2012 - 5 Star's fleet grows to seven trucks, five trailers, bobcat and nine commercial mowers.

2013 - Ground broken for new facility to house offices, equipment, trucks and trailers.

2014 - 5 Star officially moves into three acre, 9,000 sq. foot facility.

2015 - 5 Star employs 18 employees, has over 120 clients and growing. Company fleet grows to 11 trucks, 7 trailers, 3 bobcats, 14 commercial mowers.

2016 - 5 Star employs 20 employees, 160 clients and growing.

2017 - 5 Star appoints Joe Avila as General Manager. Purchases 3 new dump trucks and 2 Bobcats to continue growing the landscaping business.

2018 - 5 Star hires an office manager, Stacey Linsalata. Has a work force of over 25 employees. Made "new landscaping install" a bigger part of its business


2019 - Starting year with 14 trucks, 4 Bobcats, 10 trailers, and 12 commercial mowers. Five Star continues to grow the landscaping install part of the company, 

             doing work all over the state of Ohio and reaching in to other state markets.


2020 - 5 Star hires a Project Manager, Garrett Wirth. Company is considered essential during pandemic and makes certain proper safety protocol is established

            to ensure employees are in good health to work with the public.


2021 - Due to the lack of workforce in the Wayne county area, 5 Star Lawncare and Landcaping applies and is granted H2B workers to come on board and

            maintains an open scheduling book throughout the year for continued excellent service.