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Weekly Lawn Cutting

Here at 5 Star Lawn Care, we take pride in our work. Through years of knowledge and experience we offer a one of a kind service that many regard to be the best in the area.

★ We offer a set schedule to our customers (weather permitted) that allows the customer to relax knowing we will be there every week on the same day.


★ Our starting mowing height is adjusted and maintained given the time of year and how your grass is growing.


 ★ We will not cut or put our equipment on your property if we feel it would harm the potential lively hood of your grass such as soft ground, drought, harsh summer heat or frost.


★ Our equipment is maintained every week to insure proper function and reliability.


★ Blades are sharpened as often as needed. Sharp blades are crucial for your lawns health. Dull blades can ruin your lawn by tearing at the blades of grass rather than cutting them clean, as the clippings are beneficial to your lawn's health. The cut blades of grass act as a natural fertilizer, maintain moisture, and shade your soil from the hot summer sun.


★ We alternate mowing direction as much as possible given flat ground, to ensure no ruts or soil compaction which is essentially when soil particles get packed too tightly, making it hard for water and air to reach lawn roots not allowing your grass to thrive.​